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Vietuong, is a privately owned Vietnamese company, and has been in business since 1999. With a focus on garment and clothing manufacturing, Viet Vuong has sustained continuous growth by delivering the ultimate in customer satisfaction. We never compromise on the quality or service we provide to our customers and their brands. At Viet Vuong we believe in keeping our clients happy by providing quality products at a reasonable price.

Our team successfully builds and fabricates products by maintaining close contact with the brands and their designers according current market trends. We currently employ a staff of over 4,500 and produce over 4 million jackets and pants yearly.

We focus on the quality of the services we provide to customers and their brands. Our team will build products with their best ideas and keep in constant contact with brands and their concept designers. Designs are developed according to market trends, making comfort affordable.

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We welcome the opportunity to form a wonderful business relationship together ensuring success for all. Reach out to Viet Vuong today - let us build your brand and help your company grow.