Our Facilities

“Our company is going forward into a green future. Continuously the green facade for both factories in Ho Chi Minh City and Quang Nam, In early 2019 we opened the production in our third factory in Mekong Delta and we are very proud to announce our recent green production! I see the expansion of our capacities and the investment in sustainability as a very important step into a prosperous future – as a consequence of what we did the last 22 years, We always were working with a long term perspective to ensure safe and fair conditions for our partners, suppliers and employees. But we have to take care of our environment. Pollution is one of the biggest concerns in the fashion industry, also in Vietnam. We have to move forward and save our world for our children, the next generation!” We welcome you to take a digital tour of our facilities below. Constructed in 1999 in Ho Chi Minh City, our original factory, Viet Vuong is 7,000 sqm in size. Our second factory, Viet Vuong 2 opened in 2006 and is 20,000 sqm in size and is located in the Quang Nam province (next to Danang City). Our third factory opened in 2019 and is over 93,000 sqm in size, and is located in Ben Tre - the land of coconut and tropical fruits


Offices And Warehouse