Services and Capabilities

Our Capabilities
  • Propose technical solutions to concept designers.
  • Development, including pattern making and prototype.
  • Propose materials and trim, including sourcing.
  • Cost estimates and material purchasing.
  • Grading size and sampling, testing included if required.
  • Production: including cutting, embroidery, printing, sewing and packing.
  • Shipping and logistics handling.

Pattern Making, Samples, and Material Sourcing

With European standards, their Supplies & Accessories Warehouse is guaranteed to be complete and thorough to every stitch, with each stage and each specialized part. Materials are kept in the best condition and secured with the best logistics plans.

Cutting, Embroidery, and Printing

A large machine with a built-in program to print and cut pieces of the design onto a large piece of paper Besides , measuring and prototyping by machine will reduce the sample material to make design.


Production line with smart conveyor system using RFID for tracking to meet the customer expectations and to deliver quality and value: innovation in progress to get the best technology.

Water Proof Seam Sealing, and Bonding

With a system of modern machinery, materials and equipment imported directly from Europe, America, and Germany. Our current engineering and manufacturing capabilities include laser cutting, welding and seam bonding.

Down Filling

The storage gets the standard temperature and humidity level that ensure quality The updated machinery to fill the most accurate weight for each chamber. The advanced machinery allows quilting the big size panel at the same quality for flexibility and fancy fashion stitching. The process is matching RDS/RCS qualification.

Quality Control

Our main direction is Manufacture of high-end fabrics and clothing processes. Viet Vuong has constantly developed and built trust with customers. We always know how to satisfy our customers by providing quality products of international standards at the most reasonable prices.

Packaging, Dehumidifying, and Warehouse

One of the most sophisticated and modern factories in Asia. We invest in specialized machinery with the aim of accelerating speed, high precision and safety. The dehumidifier room to ensure free-fungi during the transportation. Metal detectors to qualify our safety management is well done.