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As a premier clothing manufacturer located in Vietnam, Viet Vuong produces over 4 million articles of clothing yearly.

Since 1999 Viet Vuong has continuously expanded and grown to meet the needs and demands of its clients.

1999 - Our first factory was constructed, located in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and employed over 1,000 employees

2000 - Viet Vuong began producing and exporting garments directly to Europe on an FOB (free on board) basis. Key products produced: sportswear, performance waterproof clothing (seam sealed) and leisure wear. Technical manufacturing capabilities in this factory include lasercutting, welding, bonding, and seamless (line bonding).

2006 - Our 2nd factory located in the Quang Nam province (Danang area) extended our export capabilities to include the EU as well as the USA. This factory produces sportswear and leisure wear including casual pants and down jackets.

2015 - The 2nd factory (Viet Vuong 2) expanding up to 40,000 sqm extending capacity of sportswear, leisure wear, casual pants and especially down jacket.

2019 - Our 3rd factory is located in Ben Tre province . This factory produces Down jacket, synthetic puffy , jacket , padding , quilting parka and coat. This factory has fulfilled the requirements of the LEED green building rating system certification established by the U.S. Green building coucil and verified by green business certification inc.

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Company business
2.8 million units shipped to the US, 1.2 million units shipped to Europe with 48% from the spring collection and 52% from the fall collection.
Occupying more than 47 million dollars in the US market and 51 million dollars in the European market, which helped mark the success of the “ 5 years growing nonstop “ strategy.

The company

What defines vietvuong

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We are one of the most sophisticated and modern factories in Asia. We invest in specialized machinery with the aim of accelerating speed, highest precision to support workers. Viet Vuong 3 gradually affirmed its position in the domestic and foreign garment market.

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With a modern design, our office offers an open space, promoting creativity and freedom in design. There is a waiting room to see product samples, a meeting room, ensuring privacy and security for each individual customer ...

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Our main direction is Manufacture of high-end fabrics and clothing processes. Viet Vuong has constantly developed and built trust with customers. We always know how to satisfy our customers by providing quality products of international standards at the most reasonable prices.

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We provide employees with nutritious meals and clean food, always ensuring freshness, in order to provide a friendly, fun and comfortable working environment with delicious and standard food . Food safety . In order to bring the best working environment for our employees.

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Professional workers , concentric - synergistic , integrity and always persistent in learning . It is the ethics and responsibility for the profession that have linked employees and company leaders together, helping Viet Vuong to gain many achievements and trust.